Integrated Marketing Communications

Create a unified and seamless experience for prospects and customers to interact with your business or brand.

The second feature of Go-Comm is it’s ability to provide our clients with Integrated Marketing Communications. Our team delivers fully integrated marketing campaigns that businesses and brands need to achieve success.

Goers Communications integrated marketing campaign focus’s on adding value by using Go-Comm to deliver consistent, connected, and cohesive marketing campaigns for our clients. Multiple marketing channels and assets are coordinated to create an interconnected approach to deliver one dependable message at multiple touch points. Marketing channels like direct mail and email are used to drive traffic to a website and then Go-Comm does the rest.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to who visited your website? Go-Comm provides an advanced measurement solution that will track and record who your website visitors are, whether they took action or not. 

Leadmatch will proivde Goers Communications clients with three benefits.

1. Get a list of website visitors and what actions they took.

2. Mail to unique visitors who visited a website who were not part of your data base or CRM.

3. Receive quantifiable and definitive results on how effective your marketing campaign was.

    Social Media Follow Up

    Social Media Follow Up provides an additional touch point for prospects and customers to learn about a business or brand. This excellent tool provides website visitors with follow up ads in their Facebook and Instagram news feeds, providing visitors another chance to engage with a brand. 

    Online Follow Up

    Online Follow Up will increase conversions and help drive sales by providing another touch point for customers and prospects. Website visitors that did not take action will receive ads via the Google Display Network, directing them back to website to complete a conversion or purchase.

    Call Tracking

    Call tracking a provides a local or toll-free number for each marketing campaign. Every call that is received is tracked and recorded allowing marketing teams to understand the impact of their campaign.

    Key Features

    1) Full demographic data on each caller

    2) Downloadable reports on all calls and caller demographics

    3) Secure client access to incoming calls and recordings.

    Informed Delivery

    Informed Delivery provides increased ROI by coordinating direct mail marketing with digital marketing. Informed delivery sends an email to prospects and customers with previews of mail pieces they will be receiving. This additional touch point can include interactive content and a link to a website.

    Go-Comm’s Online Follow Up and Social Media Follow Up features are immediately activated for recipients that click the link provided in the email. Even if visitors leave the site without taking action, they will be seeing ads via Facebook, Instagram, the Google Ad network, and the direct mail piece.

    Mail Tracking

    Mail tracking provides real time reporting on when a direct mail piece is be delivered. Marketers and sales teams will never have to wonder if a prospect received a mail piece. Go-Comm will indicate that recipients have received direct mail marketing messages. 

    Social Match

    Social Match increases conversion by providing maximum exposure for a business or brand. Go-Comm will take a CRM or mailing list, and match contacts to their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Social match then places branded ads in news feeds providing our clients with another invaluable touch point.