Our data and analytics solutions allow for invaluable marketing data to be collected, stored and analyzed so that your data works for you, increasing the effectiveness of future marketing initiatives.

Goers Communications provides robust data and analytics solutions that collect, store, and analyze data from marketing campaigns, channels, and assets. By collecting and sorting through this data, our team can determine the success of any given marketing campaign and the channels and assets that it utilized.

Our goal is to use any information to discover what did or did not make a particular marketing effort effective. Then we look to use these discoveries to optimize future marketing efforts to improve the effectiveness of any marketing effort.

Variable Data Solutions

Goers Communications’ variable data solutions transforms all marketing channels, assets, and campaigns to be customer centric.

Instead speaking to an audience generically, create targeted personal communications based on individual interests, rather than broader audience demographics.

Communicate the right message, at the right time, on the right channel to move prospects down the sales funnel.

Data Management & Segmentation

Our data pros can analyze and manage your invaluable marketing data to provide your team with clear, actionable information that can be used in sales and marketing initiatives.

With our help, marketers and sales teams learn more about individual audience members interests and preferences to converts sales, cross sell and upsell.

Complete Reporting & Analytics

Our data pros will provide all data collected in an organized format so marketing teams can see campaign, asset, and channel performance in real time.

From there we collaborate with marketing teams to analyze all findings and patterns to optimize future campaigns based on what worked and did not work.